Strategic Plan / Conclusion

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Our long-term success and future prosperity requires that every generation must contribute its own leadership and legacy for successive generations. This initiative represents an opportunity to do exactly that. If we approach economic development from a passive, reactive, or complacent posture, we risk “losing out” to other communities that either have or are developing aggressive, well-funded strategies.

We risk both a decline in our economic vitality and our “quality of place”

if we allow our destiny to be determined by forces beyond our control or by people for whom this region has no special meaning. This Plan represents the most logical, effective way to influence the future we want and our children deserve. In short, now is not the time to put our head in the sand or to sit back and watch from the sidelines.

Now is the time to come together, establish partners in progress and
invest in a shared future of growth and prosperity for our region.

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